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We offer Therapeutic Exercise and Wellness programs such as Yoga, Kinesiotherapy, Hip & Knee Wellness and more

Yin Yoga

A gentle style of yoga targets the deep tissues, fascia, ligaments, tendons and joints. The postures focus on hips and spine. All postures are done from a supine or seated position. Suitable for all levels and wonderful for beginners looking to try a group/studio class setting

Chair Yoga

This class uses seated and standing poses to help improve over all mobility and strength within the body. A chair is used to make the poses accessible to all and you next have to get down on the ground!

Mondays we use hand weights to focus on more upper body strength and stability!


Small group classes designed to enhance functional strength and mobility, improve postural awareness, and reduce muscular tension for improved pain management, healthy physical aging, and an overall improvement in ones quality of life. It’s simply about taking better care of yourself as you go through life so that you may enjoy it without as many physical barriers.

Are you craving more strength? Flexibility? or Balance?
Wanting to maintain day to day independence?
Build confidence with exercise?
Our KIN-Fit program, designed to deliver a full body, low impact workout while building strength, flexibility and confidence!
Combining both therapeutic and strength exercises this program, lead by manual osteopath Allison St. Pierre and kinesiology student Vanessa Gallant, is built to deliver a well rounded and exciting class to get you moving more freely and feeling strong.
Posture Clinic
Are you stuck at a desk most of your day?
Are you starting to notice aches and pains in the neck and shoulders?
Would you like to feel stronger and taller?
This eight-week program was built to tackle all of these issues and MORE!
Join us Friday evenings to build strength, mobility and learn the tools you need to take care of your posture for a healthy happy spine!
$95+tax for the full 8 weeks
Hip & Knee Wellness
An 8-week therapeutic exercise program that will help those struggling with hip and knee pain caused by, arthritis, joint replacements, or de-conditioning.
Our goals for you:
-Increase strength and mobility in affected joints
-Improve day to day function
-Decrease pain
-Provide education for at-home management
Led by manual osteopath Allison St.Pierre
95+tax for the full 8 weeks

Specialty Events

Fascial Stretch & Release

Coming Dates: (all classes are from 2:00-3:30pm)

November 6th Upper body focus Sign up

November 20th Lower body focus Sign up

This 90 minute class will utilize Fascial Release, Fascial Stretching, Conditioning Movements, Breath work, Joint Range of Movement Stretches and Strengthening to bring balance to the body as a whole.
Our goals for you:
1) To feel more free in your day to day movements
2) Reduce discomfort caused by restrictions through the body
3) Provide education on what works best for your body to keep it moving pain free
Preregistration required

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