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We offer Therapeutic Exercise and Wellness programs such as Yoga, Kinesiotherapy, Hip & Knee Wellness and more

Wellness Events

Fascial Stretch & Release

Two Dates:

April 24th Upper Body Focus

2:00pm-3:30pm Click here to register

May 8th Lower Body Focus

2:00pm-3:30pm Click here to register

This 90 minute class will utilize Fascial Release, Fascial Stretching, Conditioning Movements, Breath work, Joint Range of Movement Stretches and Strengthening to bring balance to the body as a whole.
Our goals for you:
1) To feel more free in your day to day movements
2) Reduce discomfort caused by restrictions through the body
3) Provide education on what works best for your body to keep it moving pain free
Preregistration required

Couch to 5km Running Group

We are proudly partnering with Go!PEI once again to offer this Couch to 5Km program.
This Learn to run program starts with a very gentle tempo targeted to those who have never run before or those who may not have run in a long time. Starting with 30 second run 30 second walk for one kilometre, we will be slowly increasing the distance and increasing the length of our run intervals so you feel confident running 5km at a 5 minute run 2 minute walk interval at the end!
Throughout we will also be including educational sessions on nutrition, running form, how to prevent injuries and more!
Tuesdays and Thursdays 6:00pm with an optional weekend run 

Click here to register

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