Always standing the same way, or holding your phone on the same side? You’re likely not aware that you are creating tightness, and asymmetry that can eventually cause problems. Here is some great advice to tackle some these offenders.

  1. You carry your bag on one shoulder

Most of us only use one side to carry our stuff, but constantly stressing these joints will leave you with one group of muscles that are shorter, and tighter than the other

Simple fix: Tote your purse on your right shoulder while going to work , and on the left when coming home, or use a backpack to even out the load

2. You hold the phone to the same ear

Favoring one ear can lock your upper back and shoulders as you cradle the phone under your head. ( quick trivia: If you tend to hold the phone on your left, you’re probably right-brain dominant and more emotional. Hold it on the right, you may be more analytical, say’s Brad Cox, an orthopedic acupuncturist and CEO and co founder of Acumobility products and education company)

Simple fix: Go wireless: Use headphones or a handset for every call

3. You wear heels day and night: We get it- you look ah-mazing in those heels, but you need to lower your heel height so you don’t exacerbate poor posture, or keep your muscles in a shortened position. Even if you wear a 1/2 inch heel everyday, you’re teaching your calves to stay in that position.

Simple fix: It’s fine to wear heels occasionally, but try to wear flats as often as possible.

4. You lean into your right hip always.

Few people stand in perfect alignment: it seems only natural to shift to one side. However, this may make one side tighter, which can throw you off balance, and lead to injury.This is especially true if you run, which requires a constant shifting between the two sides.

Simple fix: Be aware of which leg you favor, and switch it up as often as possible. Also stretch and strengthen both halves of your body equally.