1.You’re more likely to work out the rest of the week.
Exercising on Mondays can get the ball rolling for your workout routine. There’s something about
starting on a Monday that makes you feel like you’re off to a good start. This philosophy can
motivate you to exercise on Tuesday, Wednesday or whenever you pencil in your next workout.

2. You’ll Smile More.
One common benefit of physical exercise is that it releases Endorphins, the hormones that make you
feel happier. Nothing feels as great as a finished workout, right? Also, if you’re running or
playing outside in the sunshine, you’ll get an extra dose of happiness and it will boost your
self-esteem. Remember a simple five-minute walk outdoors can help improve your mood and perceived

3. You’ll Kick start good self-control.
It may take some willpower to lace up those sneakers, but exercise is actually a great way to
harness more discipline for other areas of your life. Moving around for as little as 15 minutes
has been shown to help people manage cigarette cravings and withdrawal symptoms. Why does it have this effect? Exercise releases Gaba, A neurotransmitter that helps keep you in control of impulses and can quiet anxious
brain activity.

4. You’ll sleep better.
Resistance exercise can help reboot your circadian rhythm, the internal body clock that controls your sleep cycle. In case you needed extra motivation to keep sweating it out during the week: One study revealed that four months of
consistent exercise helped chronic insomniacs sleep 45 minutes more per night.

5. You’ll boost your brainpower.
Physical exercise has the potential to increase levels of BDNF (Brain-Derived Neurotropic Factor), which is
shown to help build healthier nerve cells. One study showed that strenuous exercise helped
participants perform better on a memory test. Scheduling a sweat session before you put your nose
to the grindstone, could help you absorb new concepts faster too.