Have you ever asked anyone if they have been to physiotherapy? The most common answer is, “yes, they gave me some exercises, but I have no idea what they were anymore. I think I used a stretchy red band” or something very similar.

So, why did they stop doing the exercises? Well, patients normally come to see a physiotherapist when they are in pain. It is likely their individualized exercise plan worked at the time. It probably alleviated their muscular aches, and reduced the irritability of the nasty sharp pains, and they got better.

So after a while, they stop doing the exercises. In the majority of cases it is advised that patients continue with their exercises, mostly because with any injury there is always a risk of a re-occurrence in the same area due to residual weakness. Once the motivation to reduce pain has disappeared, it is very easy to just stop.

If there is no motivation for a person to do something they just won’t do it. So how do you continue to feel motivated to continue? The general consensus is that you must overcome any negativity and focus your mind on achieving your set goal. Once you have achieved your goal, aim higher and set a new one to keep going.

Research has shown that it takes just 21 days to form a habit. If this is true the addition of exercises into your daily routine can be formed within 3 weeks of physiotherapy. This can apply to all area’s of your life. If you want to begin a new hobby, become more active, eat healthier it is all achievable with time and perseverance. This is reassuring right?

You truly can do ANYTHING you set your mind to. So keep going with your physiotherapy exercises after you have finished your treatments and you will certainly reap the benefits. If there are other lifestyle changes you want to make, bite the bullet and DO IT! You’ll be glad you did.