By Amanda Kinney, RMT

Most people know cupping from the round bruise marks left after a treatment. There are many different kinds of cupping and they are used for different reasons. As a massage therapist anywhere I can treat on the body, is an area  I can do cupping. 

What may come as a surprise is that there are 4 different ways to cup. 

1. Flash or fast cupping:  Place a cup, then another, in a line, and a last one. Take the first one, and place it after the last and then continue down the line. You will continue leap-frogging over the area you wish to cover. This will keep the cups moving for 2-5 minutes. There shoulder be no marks, or very light one. 

2. Static cupping:  Or dry cupping is placing of cups in a dermatome, myotome line or just a specific muscle to stretch or strengthen. 

3. Blanket Cupping:  This is covering an area entirely with cups. It is a global treatment, with lots of neurological stimulus to the area. 

4. Dynamic Cupping:  Or myofascial cupping, this is used with lubrication and the cups are generally moved around and can be done with any type of cup. 

Now these can all be used together or on their own for different rehabilitation reasons. 

I treat with one or all of these different ways of cupping to better help my client/patient recover from injury or rehabilitate after surgery or injury. 


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