Positive morning rituals help you clear your head, prepare you for the day, and make you feel more energized!

It’s inspiring to set Positive Morning Rituals! This is how to do it

One of the best ways to start your day off on the right foot is to engage in positive morning rituals

Positive morning rituals help you to clear your head, prepare for the day, and be more productive. The best part is they make you FEEL energized!

Here are a few morning rituals and how they can set the intention for success, every day:

Making the bed:

It’s so easy to not bother making the bed, but it really does make you feel as though you’ve accomplished something and are ready to get started with your day when you do! It takes no time at all but it instantly makes your bedroom look far more inviting and best of all, tidy.

Opening the curtains: 

Let some light in! If you work at home all day, it can get a little dreary if I keep the curtains closed. Opening them in the morning to let the light pour into the room.  A view from a window provides nice inspiration to glance out at every now and then while working throughout the day.

Drinking a warm beverage :

Whether it is tea or coffee, this morning ritual can be “soothing” for the soul. Some of us even feel as though our day doesn’t start until after (or during!) their first cup of coffee or tea!
Positive morning rituals help you to clear your head, prepare for the day, focus on the tasks ahead & feel revitalized!

How to set positive morning rituals for yourself:

1) Identify what small things you can do every day that would make you feel energized and focused.

What are some of the things you already enjoy doing?

  • Is it tidying up from the night before?
  • Cooking breakfast as soon as you get up?
  • Drinking lemon water while looking out the window for five minutes?
  • Is it a quiet Meditation, or listening to your favorite songs while you get dressed?
  • Perhaps it’s doing 10 minutes of gentle yoga?

If you enjoy it you’ll be more likely to keep doing it!

2) Commit to being consistent, and aim to do the same things each day.

Commit and go for it! Make a definite decision to do it. If you’re concerned you might slip back into old habits, leave a sticky note for yourself the night before.

When your rituals become your habits, and you are starting each morning with positive rituals, you will notice a dramatic difference in your mood, energy, and productivity.

It might not seem like much, but every little bit counts!

Commit for 21 days. Every ritual takes 21 days to become a habit. Share your morning rituals with us , and Let us know what changes they made for you.