With the resolutions of January a distant memory and spring not too far away, many of us are still nestled into full-time hibernation mode, and may not see much reason to leave the house.
But winter weekends are the ULTIMATE opportunity to explore what PEI has to offer. It’s so much more than just a summer retreat, it is an amazing winter wonderland too! Here are a few ideas with links to help you get out of your winter hibernation, break the stillness routine and give you reasons to enjoy PEI in the dead of winter:


Literally dozens of options to choose from, here is a quick resource to one winter trail that will take your breath away!


If you are renting a tube to slide with the kids and or hitting the slopes – Brookvale Ski Park is an excellent way to spend a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.


An annual dining festival that is taking place February 8, 9 & 10. This is a great time to plan a social event, meet up with some friends for a fabulous meal!
Taking a quick winter escape is the perfect way to break up the routine with a burst of winter activities that will spoil you and remind you that there is more to PEI winters than hot Chocolate and fireplaces.